Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sellers Paradise or Sellers Nightmare

Savage Mills Sculptures: sketch padImage by Earl - What I Saw 2.0 via Flickr

In today's buyers market, Maryland Real estate is HOTTER than EVER! The First Time Buyers Tax Credit has spurred hundreds, even thousands of Buyers into the market. So, is it a Seller's Paradise or Sellers Nightmare? Visit http://marlenerogers.yourkwagent.com/ for useful tips on selling your home or to help a friend sell their home.

I'd say its a "sellers paradise." I believe this because buyers are flooding the market looking for a home, renters are converting to ownership, and Maryland has SO MUCH TO OFFER,from the Inner Harbor's fine dining to sporting events at 1st Mariners Arena, to the bike paths and open space of Columbia, and the picturesque greenery of Western Howard Co.'s Fulton, Glenelg, and West Friendship areas, as well as the States many attractions: Belair Mansion, Enchanted Forest, Children's Heritage and Welcome Center, Columbia Festival of the Arts, Ft. McHenry, Savage Mill, and so much more.

Whether you're restless and on the go, like me or a hopeless romantic, a cool collective homebody, movie-goer, club hopper, fine dining affectionado or simply enjoy the great outdoors, our home state of Maryland has something for everyone. If you're sold on Maryland after reading this post, imagine how soon we could sell your house. Think about it.

Happy Buying and Selling and Thanks for tuning in to my blog. Stay tuned for this week's "Featured Neighborhood."

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